3-Wheelin' in the Park

DSC_0138Is the ride over Mommy? Can I get out?

The weather has been so beautiful these past couple of days so Claire and I have enjoyed lots of hikes and buggy rides. The big wheels of the jogging stroller are perfect for some of the easier trails near our house. No teasing me about the rusty wheels, this was a $15 garage sale TREASURE!

I wish there was some way to hook it to my bicycle, then we could cruise the neighborhood in style! It seems Claire is going to love "off-roading" as much as her father. See Dan's most recent 4-wheeling trip photos here - boys and their toys, <sigh>.


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  1. Aww my little munch kin looks sooo cute! She's saying, "Mommy I can walk now, let me walk!!" Have no fears Claire Bear Aunt Laurie will come walk with you <3