We're back from Boston and thinking about Uncle Matt's comment on whether or not Claire had her first haircut got us to thinking we should try out a new 'do. Well...that and a lot of other folks (ahem Grandbob :o) ) pointing out that she seems to have enough hair for a ponytail.

Here's Goldilocks herself showing off her newest style! Unfortunately, Claire seems quite eager to eat the hair clips and a story involving a butterfly shaped object in a coworkers kid's tummy has sort of put me off styling her hair. Anyone know of some toddler safe hair clips?

More reviews on Boston later - we had a great time and need to snag the pictures from Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt's camera! Claire gorged on tons of delicious turkey, chased Hiro the puppy around (and vice versa) and whined by the basement door dying to see Shackleton the elusive kitty.

Claire even met some of her anonymous blog readers - that's right I told you I'd call you out, Alice!

Our trip was great fun and Claire tolerated the long ride to Boston beautifully! Our return trip was really long due to holiday traffic, but she slept most of the way and we made a detour to Long Island for a play break...and to see sister's new apartment! Congrats Laurie and Matt!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We're up in Boston celebrating the holiday with Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt! Here are a few pictures to enjoy. How Claire has changed in a year - check out this post.


Happy Birthday Aunt Bea & Aunt Dot!

Here are some photos from this past weekend where we attended a birthday party in honor of (tell me if I have this right)...Dan's great Claire's great-great Aunts Bea and Dot.


Our First Day of Storytime!

Eric write the best stories. We love your colorful collage work. We especially love how our local librarian reads to all the children and uses puppets and songs!

What a great morning for the first day of story time at the library. Today we read:

We came home with a bunch of new books too! I'll have to add them to our Library widget over on the right so everyone can keep up with our reading adventures!


Someone LOVES to slide! Can you hear her little squeal of happiness?


The Return of Friday's Film

I keep getting emails and comments begging for the return of Friday Films...well here you go!

--- Yes, around 46 seconds in I totally bust my butt tripping over something. Enjoy the look Claire give me. ---

Rainy days, a cooped up Mom and baby - fun things are bound to happen.

Claire started playing in this box and when I pushed her over she cracked up. Next thing I know I'm hooked up to my  Ergo baby carrier (the best infant carrier ever) and mushing around the house like a husky dog.

Creativity people, it is what keeps me sane and the baby giggling.