Play is of utmost importance in my opinion - and quality unplugged play that much more so. This coming from an educator who specializes in technology might sound strange ( I left my job as Dir. of Technology after Claire was born) but as someone who spent countless hours learning about technology, education and how the brain "learns," I cannot find the value in toys that play for the child (and annoy me with incessant beeping and yapping!) By no means does Claire live in a media/technology free environment. We enjoy a few web and technology toys together, but the bulk of her play is imaginative and child-driven.

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My thoughts on the importance of outdoor play in all kinds of weather.
Our hysterical play-doh people who have been a hit during our many camping trips.

Claire's balance bike is great fun at the park, she was coasting down hills on her two-wheeled wonder in no time at all. I can't say enough great things about balance bikes!

Jumping in puddles and squishing in the mud, a favorite springtime activity.

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