Simple Crafts to Celebrate Autumn (Even If Your Leaves Don't Change Color)

A roundup of simple leaf crafts for southern folks -- colorful leaves not required!

I always feel bad for the folks down south when fall arrives. Come winter I wish I lived there where it's warmer, but autumn is glorious in the Northeastern US. Judging by what's popular on Pinterest, it seems everyone wants to welcome the season with pumpkins, Indian corn and colored leaves in tones of red, orange and gold. Here's how to do just that when you don't have colorful fall leaves of your own to work with:

Autumn Leaf Banner with Coffee Filters and Liquid Watercolors

Leaf Mobile with Wax Paper and Crayon Shavings

Autumn Trivets with Tissue Paper, Mod-Podge and Porcelain Tiles

and finally because all leaves are beautiful, no matter their size or propensity to change color:

Leaf Creatures Inspired by Look What I Made With a Leaf by Morteza Sohi

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