Hi, I'm Regina! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! In my life before my daughter, I worked at an independent school as the Director of Technology teaching computer classes, aiding teachers with technology integration and teaching second grade. My husband is also involved in information technology - we're truly a match made in geek heaven.

Nowadays, I spend my days chasing after Claire (our dimpled cutie born in October 2007) with a camera and chronicling our adventures. We spend a lot of time creating art, exploring the outdoors and dancing in our pajamas. To read more about our artful adventures, check out my interview over at The Artful Parent.

Some random facts about me -
  • I proudly wore the "Smokey the Bear" hat while working for the National Park Service throughout college. Keeping it near my back window got me out of a ticket once, phew!
  • Two sewing machines live in my house, yet I only know how to use the straight stitch and my husband usually has to thread it for me but I'm determined to learn this craft.
  • I am not happy unless I have 30 projects going on at once. Nothing gets done of course, but at least I feel creative.
  • I am messy messy messy! My three daughter Claire is probably the most organized of our entire household. Seriously.

I'm happy to provide reviews for products and services relevant to the content on this blog - early childhood education tools, toys, art supplies, books ect.

Please contact me at regina@chalkinmypocket.com.

In the interest of full disclosure (and so I can avoid jail time) I must write that if you buy something through my links to Amazon, I earn a small percentage of each sale (at no cost to you). All opinions are mine and they are not influenced by whatever product or book I happen to be reviewing. I link only to things we love and spend the pocket change we earn from Amazon on crayons, glue, glitter and other things to mess up my kitchen with. The End. And now back to our regularly scheduled fun...

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