The Return of Friday's Film

I keep getting emails and comments begging for the return of Friday Films...well here you go!

--- Yes, around 46 seconds in I totally bust my butt tripping over something. Enjoy the look Claire give me. ---

Rainy days, a cooped up Mom and baby - fun things are bound to happen.

Claire started playing in this box and when I pushed her over she cracked up. Next thing I know I'm hooked up to my  Ergo baby carrier (the best infant carrier ever) and mushing around the house like a husky dog.

Creativity people, it is what keeps me sane and the baby giggling.


  1. OMG! That is so CUTE! Love the music and you crashing into everything! Claire gave you a look dan would give you - too funny! She certainly was having fun. Great idea mommy!


  2. Another indoor activity that Mike and Jen always loved was "tent" building. I would turn the dining room table into an indoor tent with the help of blankets, pillows, etc. Actually that's as close as I ever got to a tent.

    Love you guys!