Eating with Forks!

I took these pictures before we all caught a nasty stomach bug this weekend. I think this was the last time we all enjoyed real food! We're on the mend now and looking forward to the buckets of soup that Grand-Bob and Grand-C brought us. They risked catching the super-bug themselves to look after Claire on Sunday while Dan and I spent the day in the bathroom. Bleh...what a weekend!

It's time to get Claire some real utensils. She did so well playing with Mommy's fork!


  1. Grand-Bob and Grand-CDecember 16, 2008 at 9:20 AM

    We hope that you are all feeling better real soon. It sure was an awful weekend for you guys. Glad to be able to help.

  2. Haha from the looks of it Claire prefers her hands to forks=P Hope you guys feel better--you better be better by Christmas!! (That's a lot of betterness!!)

  3. Aww I'm glad you guys are starting to feel better! Lucky for you Grand-Bob and Grand-C are somewhat close by..and willing to chance getting sick to come see Claire. But I mean, who wouldn't????

  4. Maybe Santa will bring Claire a nice fork and spoon set for Christmas! ;)