Does it really need a caption?

Here's Claire helping herself to some homemade yogurt. I was in the bathroom just steps away and heard "yum, ummmmmmmmmmm, yum yum." Good thing I had the camera handy, this was too funny a shot to pass up.


Caption ideas:

"At least she used a spoon"

"Why you need to supervise your toddler"

"Attack of the munchies"

"Now serving, Strawberry Claire Surprise "

Here are some photos of Claire enjoying yogurt in her high chair before she resorted to thievery.



  1. How about this one--
    "Mom, I was just trying to look for something to wear to match my outfit--I can't help that it was yummy!"

  2. oh, my gosh - you are making your own yogurt now - that is great! can't wait to hear about it. from the look on claire's face, it must be delicious. maybe you can teach me!