Monster Meatloaf and Other Creepy Baking

Claire's still too young to appreciate Halloween and all the fun spookiness surrounding the day but Dan and I really enjoyed a couple of creepy meals this past weekend.

Check out our monster-hand meatloaf:

I was inspired by not Martha but didn't have the hand mold that she had. I decided to wing it and free-formed our Freaky Friday meal, and it came out awesome! The provolone on top really gave the hand a blistered skin-like look and I made my red onion nails thick and pointy. I've also come to the conclusion that the only way I'm making meatloaf in the future is to freeform it - this is the BEST meatloaf I've ever done, bye-bye soggy meatloaf pan!

I've got grand ideas for alphabet meatloaf when it's time to learn some letters...or maybe some miniature meatloaves shaped with cookie cutters? Have I gone meatloaf crazy or what?!

I'll post a recipe for these creepy witches fingers tomorrow - check out the ridged nails and realistic knuckles! Spoooooooooky, Creeeeeepy, very Halloweeeeny! We brought these to a Halloween party (with jellybean nails) and also to GrandBob and Gran-C who found them deliciously scary. I *love* Halloween :-)

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  1. Didn't have the meatloaf, but it is definitely scary. Looks like something out of the TV series "Bones".

    The finger cookies were creepy and delish. Now they are gone!