Morning Rhythms

DSC_0388Ever notice when the morning goes well the rest of the day usually follows? I love the morning rhythm Claire and I found. I started to more actively involve her in the whole breakfast process and found that things went more smoothly and were more enjoyable for the both of us. It takes a little longer to get food to the table (and ourselves out the door) but slowing the tempo of our morning been really nice.
I gather breakfast makings while Claire enjoys a morning story. I crack the eggs, hunt down the whisk (in the play kitchen again?!) and rustle up some fruit and Claire’s handy-dandy knife.

Once Claire puts her apron on (too cute, right?) she whisks the eggs while I melt some butter.

Whisk whisk whisk whisk. I swear that she is a neater cook than I am, just ask Dan.


Salt, pepper. Perfection. Just look at her work that pepper grinder! This is when I need to pay close attention, we’ve had some s-p-i-c-y eggs thanks to Miss Liberal with the Pepper Grinder.

                                 DSC_0350 DSC_0352

While I cook the eggs, Claire cuts up some fruit for us. Grapes are a favorite (but a bit challenging) and cantaloupe often makes an appearance. This knife is fantastic, Grandma CaCa picked it up from a Pampered Chef party and it makes Claire really independent in food preparation. She cuts up her own cheese and fruit for lunch and snack when our schedule in the afternoon allows it.


I love the look of determination on her face in these photos. Soon she’ll be whipping up meals all on her own and delivering breakfast-in-bed to her parents on Saturday morning (let me dream, please). 


  1. Gina,
    I've missed your blogs...good to see you back. Claire is becoming such a person - and as cute as ever. Your posts always take me back to when my guys were little. They always helped in the kitchen. I used to tell them that the time it took to do things when they helped was so different than when I did it alone. Of course they always took this as a positive comment - and it was. Enjoy these slow mornings...

  2. Great post G! I love how Claire handles the knife....I was a bit hesitant before making the decision to go ahead and buy her and Michael their first "real" kitchen tool. Turns out it was a good choice. Claire is growing up so fast,seems like only yesterday she was a little baby.

  3. I'd love to involve my kids more in food preparation but am nervous about handing them a knife. What kind of knife is this? I looked at the Pampered Chef catalog but don't see anything that looks overly kid-friendly.


  4. Hi Tina! I'm hoping you subscribed to the comments b/c there is no email listed for your blogger account. Anyhow, I found a link online to the knife at pampered chef --

    Best $4 you'll ever spend!

  5. The way she holds that knife is close to an expert's. Look out, this kid might turn out to be an excellent chef in the future. Kudos!