Celebrating Autumn's Splendor

I know, I know...two foliage posts in a row - but I can't help it! The beautiful leaf rubbings we worked on earlier are still on display but this is an even easier project to commemorate the season. Walking with Claire in the yard always turns up a few colorful leaf specimens to work with, here's the unique way we're displaying them:

I picked up a few $0.99 frames while shopping at Ikea recently. My original thought was to put some letters in there or label things on our nature table (more to come on that another day) but Claire thought a small maple leaf might look nice in there too. I think she had a great idea. The light shines through beautifully and I love that we can see both sides of the leaf.

What do you think? Isn't this a gorgeous and simple way to showcase autumn leaves?


  1. Awesome picture frames---really unique. Might have to pick me up some. Ikea is just amazing

  2. I love those frames! Looks very beautiful. I also like the idea of mixing up kids artwork with other things like needlework and photos, etc.. thanks for sharing!

  3. those frames would be perfect for so many things, Perhaps I can save on my contact paper budget by investing in those!