Interview over at The Artful Parent

Wow. I'm so excited! Head over to The Artful Parent and check out my interview today! I've admired Jean's site for YEARS and was just thrilled to answer her questions about encouraging children's creativity. 

I may or may not have told her I thought of naming my blog "Things I Saw The Artful Parent Do and Must Try Too."

Okay, so I did. And thank goodness she laughed and continued on with the interview.  

But really, head over and read through her blog - you'll spend the rest of the day inspired to create something with your kids for sure. What an honor to appear on The Artful Parent!


  1. Great interview! I was thrilled to read of all those wonderful creative experiences your daughter enjoys.

  2. Great to see you at The Artful Parent! You are Great Artful Mommy!