Ducky Unlucky

No rubber ducky is safe from Claire. Her voracious appetite in the bathtub can only be satisfied with two-handed snacking of Sir Squeaky (aka, the Ducky Unlucky).

Bon app├ętit, Claire!

For the rest of the bath-time fun pictures, click Claire's wrinkly toe below...well, that is what happens when you're in a tub for 45 minutes!

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  1. Love those wrinkled piggies! Claire sure loves the water. She even hated to get out of the baptismal fount.

  2. Yea - new pictures. What is that child doing in the bath for 45 min! Are you trying to dissolve her?

    She certainly looks like she is having a blast. I too would be hard pressed to take her out.

    When does she start swim lessons?

  3. seriously..45 minutes?! jeeze.
    adorable pics--she's getting so big--she's gonna be an olympic swimmer=)
    i would've been the first to comment on your new post Claire bear--but mommy snuck one by me!!!

  4. I have been having so much fun keeping track of your blog! I can tell you soooooooo enjoy being a momma and claire seems to be the happiest baby ever! I miss you and hope to see you soon!