Is laundry truly a chore when you have such a sweet helper? Claire LOVES to help hang out clothes and since it's so warm and sunny lately I think we've only run the dryer once. This week is a bit of a wash though, it's been raining for days and days. I was running out of indoor play ideas when the basket of dress up clothes and some yarn gave me some inspritaion - an indoor clothesline! Claire hung up her cloths (and took them down, and hung them up...) for a solid 20 minutes. If you're a parent - you know how long that is! Hopefully the sun will show its face again soon and we can get back outside to our real line soon.


  1. Gina I have to hand it to you,great ideas! Claire looks so intent I just love it :) Interesting commenters you have by the way. I dont read the language but I am sure she is saying how adorable Claire is .

  2. Oh I miss my lil Monkey! Can't wait to play with her this weekend! :) Hopefully it won't rain and we can get some park time in!! I'm so happy she creatively entertains herself. What is up with the red right hand??