Tech for Tots: Evolution of the Oregon Trail

>>> Regina has cholera. Would you like to push on or rest for three days?

If you're a child of the 80's, I'm sure this game has a place in your heart. I remember vying for computer time amongst my fellow classmates intent on guiding my wagon full of family west to the promised land. I was so excited to purchase the newer version complete with primary source material scanned in for my students back in 2004. The graphics had improved immensely, although I admit the original had a charm all its own.

Here's a great read about the unlikely start and success of this educational software, and the efforts of its creators to make it historically accurate: THE OREGON TRAIL: HOW 3 MINNESOTANS FORGED ITS PATH

Do you remember this game? What was your chosen field - farmer, banker, carpenter? Did you join a wagon train or rough it alone? And most importantly -- would you push on or let me rest as I suffer from cholera?!


  1. definitely push on, you can sleep in the passenger seat like you usually do

  2. I saw the screen shot and gave a little squeal!! I totally loved that game! That and Number Munchers. Did you play that?

    I was ALWAYS the doctor or hunter.

  3. Stephanie, do you remember hitting the spacebar to shoot the rifle (and hopefully you had enough bullets) and bring down a buffalo?! I remember pounding away at that keyboard determined to score some meat LOL!

  4. oh my goodness! i remember this game!!! i still make jokes & references to this game with my husband!!!!

  5. That's so funny: Me and my husband were just talking about this game. I wondered if it was still made. How fun!