Santa Baby!

Today Hilltop was holding a photo session with Santa to support Project Self-Sufficiency in Sparta, NJ. We dressed Claire up in one of her festive Christmas outfits (there are multiple ones) and headed out for a snapshot.

She didn't cry...but like Skylar (just ask Bob & Ceil) she was so excited she pooped herself. Here's a photo of the damage. Heehee! It was quite bad, I needed to take her to the computer lab, strip her naked and wash her back with wipes. One more "poop-tastrophe" and I'm changing diaper brands!

Aunt Laurie came by today, here she is hanging out with her little niece.

1 comment:

  1. Claire is getting more adorable each day. Each picture is great.

    I wouldn't blame the diapers. I think she's a pooping machine disguised as a baby. I remember at the restaurant, it took you a long time to clean her up. And Regina, pictures of the poop, too graphic.

    Love all the pictures, keep them coming, of Claire, not the poop.