How Make a Colorful Venn Diagram

I'm planning a little something special this week with an old favorite - crayon shavings and wax paper sun catchers! I thought I'd post this little tidbit for those people about to teach color combinations:

(two separate circles - they're overlapped in the photo)

If you could make a few of these in primary colors (and manage to get the shavings more even than I did) I think it could be a great hands on way to teach color theory. Can you see the purple where the red and blue intersect? 

Oh man, I think I just created a very artsy Venn Diagram.

And if you were wondering about my most excellent photography of the sun pouring through those sun catchers - think again, I scanned them!


  1. I like where you're going with this. So these are 2 separate circles, overlapped? Overlapping the shavings before you melt, in 3 circles? ... I dunno, then its not very hands on afterwards...


  2. Yup, 2 separate circles overlapped. A circle with red shavings and a circle with blue shavings. I thought it a bit more hands on then the teeny acrylic discs I've seen used in some art lessons. The child can be involved in the whole process - grating the crayons (we used my cheese grater), sprinkling them on, and if you're very careful they can even help with the ironing. Claire's three and I allowed her to help me glide it along.

  3. Have you tried melting the shavings on a hot plate? I wonder how uniform that would get...